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  • Axial Launch - We had a fair launch on November 10th with two stablecoin liquidity pools.
  • Snapshot Governance - We introduced snapshot voting to make some early protocol decisions.
  • AXIAL Liquidity Incentives - We allocated some AXIAL rewards to those providing liquidity for the AVAX - AXIAL liquidity pool on Trader Joe.
  • New Liquidity Pools - We launched 2 new liquidity pools; AM3D and AA3D.
  • Partnerships - We've partnered with other projects in the Avalanche ecosystem such as ParaSwap, OrcaDAO, Teddy and Frax Finance.
  • Metapools - We launched our first metapool, linking native USDC to the AM3D pool.
  • Quad Rewards - Our liquidity pools can now receive 4 different reward tokens.
  • Swap Router - Swapping between tokens from two entirely different pools is possible.
  • sAXIAL - We introduced sAXIAL, a staked version of the AXIAL token providing voting power to those committed to locking their tokens.
  • veAXIAL - We introduced veAXIAL, a staked version of the AXIAL token providing boosted rewards from our liquidity pools.
  • Updated User Interface - Our UI was completely refactored, for an even easier and more pleasant user experience as well as offering more information on-site.
  • Decentralized Rewards Allocations - Anyone will be able to assign token rewards to any of our pools or metapools.
  • Liquidity Pools' Restructuring - Our stablecoin liquidity pools will be restructured to be centered on one main liquidity pool containing the most liquid assets on Avalanche.
  • Decentralized Pool Creation - Anyone will be able to create metapools linked to our main liquidity pool.
  • New Non-Stablecoin Liquidity Pools - We will add liquidity pools for swapping non-stablecoin assets, such as wrapped assets, derivatives or synthetics.