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Swapping with Axial

This guide covers how to swap assets/tokens with Axial. This means trading one token for another token by utilizing Axial's liquidity in its many pools.
1) Connect your wallet by clicking on 'Connect Wallet' on the top right of the page, and selecting your wallet provider.
2) Select the token you want to swap.
3) Select the token you want to swap for.
4) Enter the amount of tokens you want to swap.
At this stage, Axial will display to you the rate being offered, alongside the estimated price impact of your swap based on fees, slippage, etc.
By default, Axial will ask you to sign to approve only the necessary amount of tokens for this swap (in this case, 1000 USDT.e). If you'd like to never sign any approvals for USDT.e ever again on Axial, feel free to use the Infinite Approval option in Advanced Options.
5) Click Swap. You will be asked to sign two transactions through your wallet; approval (if applicable) and the swap transaction itself.
Congratulations! As soon as the transaction is validated, you should have the resulting tokens from the swap in your wallet. If you do not see the new tokens on a wallet such as MetaMask, do not worry! You may need to manually add the token to be tracked through the 'Import Tokens' button.