Swapping FRAX

There are two types of FRAX on Avalanche, one being the native FRAX token (sometimes referred to as 'canonical FRAX'), and the other being the bridged version of the asset, anyFRAX. This guide will cover how to swap from anyFRAX to FRAX - although the process can easily be reverted.
1) Head to Frax's App and make sure 'Avalanche' is selected on the first dropdown available.
2) Select the anyFRAX token to swap from and the FRAX token to swap to, along with how many you want to swap.
3) Approve the token expenditures through your wallet.
4) Finally, confirm the swap transaction through your wallet.
Congratulations! Once the transaction is confirmed on-chain, you will have FRAX tokens in your wallet. These FRAX tokens can be deposited through AXIAL to get some significant yield on your stablecoins, or used in any other DeFi opportunities.