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Providing Liquidity

This guide covers how to deposit liquidity into Axial's many pools. By providing liquidity, you will be able to gain swap fees as well as any AXIAL token incentives allocated to your pool.
1) Click on Deposit next to your pool of choice.
2) Select the amount of each token you would like to add liquidity for. You can deposit any number of tokens you'd like (you do not need to deposit all 4 tokens, for example).
Keep in mind the Bonus displayed near the bottom! If you add liquidity for a token that is low in supply in the pool, you'll get a bonus for depositing. If you deposit a token that already has excess supply in the pool, however, your deposit will be negatively impacted.
By default, Axial will ask you to sign to approve only the necessary amounts of each token for each deposit (in this case, 1000 TSD and 500 MIM). If you'd like to never sign any approvals for the deposited tokens ever again on Axial, feel free to use the Infinite Approval option in Advanced Options.
3) Click on Deposit. You will be asked to sign some transactions through your wallet; approval for each token being deposited (if applicable) and the deposit transaction itself.
At this stage, you will have deposited liquidity into a pool, and will be gaining swap fees. You are not yet receiving any AXIAL token rewards associated with that pool though. In order to do so, continue with the next steps below.
4) Click on Rewards at the top of the page.
5) Click on Deposit next to the pool you've added liquidity for.
6) Select the amount of LP tokens you'd like to deposit. You can click on your balance above in order to automatically select all your tokens.
7) Click on Deposit. You will be asked to sign an approval transaction (if applicable) and the deposit transaction itself.
Congratulations! As soon as the transaction is validated, your tokens will now be provided as liquidity in Axial, and your resulting LP tokens are now deposited in order to claim AXIAL token rewards over time.