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Minting TUSD

TUSD, or TrueUSD, is a stablecoin backed by US Dollars, and can be minted or redeemed 1:1 for fiat. This guide will cover how to mint these tokens, in order to use them in your favorite Avalanche dapps. If you would prefer this guide in a video format - you can find that here.
The basic overview of how minting works.
1) Create your account. This can be done through here, by following the on-screen instructions and providing the necessary information. This will include needing to verify your email address and enabling 2FA (two factor authentication).
2) In order to get rid of that error on your screen stopping you from minting, you'll need to complete a series of identifications. The first one of which is some simple Applicant Information.
3) Next you will need to complete an ID Verification, which can be done with a passport or a government ID if you are in the US.
4) The last step is Proof of Residence. A list of what documents can be used can be found here.
5) Review the details you've entered in the previous sections and click SUBMIT. Once submitted the application can take a few weeks to be approved.
6) Once your account is fully verified, you can select if you would like to create a new Avalanche wallet or use an existing one.
7) Transfer funds and mint TUSD! This will involve a wire transfer from your bank, and the site will give you all the relevant information on how to do so with a page similar to the following:
Congratulations! Once the wire transfer is completed, it might take a couple business days to process. At that time, TUSD tokens will be minted and available for you to use in the Avalanche C-Chain wallet you had specified beforehand.