Swapping FAQ

What are the fees to swap using Axial?

All swaps through Axial liquidity pools have a 0.04% fee. 75% of those fees (0.03%) are shared amongst the pool's liquidity providers. The other 25% of the fees (0.01%) is sent to Axial's treasury.

Why use Axial instead of another exchange?

Most decentralized exchanges are modeled after Uniswap V2. They are excellent models for swapping most cryptocurrencies; however, they are not great for swapping stablecoins or other value-pegged assets. This is because the model allows for lots of slippage on the tokens being swapped.
If a stablecoin pool undergoes a large transaction in this traditional model, then the two coins may be taken off peg. For example, one may trade slightly lower than $1, around $0.95, while the other may trade slightly higher, around $1.05. With Axial, this risk is mostly mitigated. In this scenario, the coins would still be relatively close to their $1 peg, closer to $0.99 and $1.01 respectively.