Providing Liquidity FAQ

Is providing liquidity on Axial safe?

Axial uses code that has been forked from Saddle Finance, which has been audited. However, we still recommend using the protocol with caution as any new code may not have been fully audited. You can review our code on the Snowball GitHub.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees on any Axial liquidity pool?

None. There are however incentives and disincentives to deposit or withdraw tokens that would balance or imbalance the pool.

Do I need to deposit all the tokens listed in the liquidity pool?

No, you can deposit any combination of tokens into any Axial pool. To keep the balance of the pool stable, we give incentives to anyone who deposits a token that has a lower supply in the pool or withdraws a token that has higher supply in the pool or vice versa.

Why did I receive less tokens than I put into the pool?

If you deposit a token that is high in supply, relative to other tokens in the pool, you will pay a small premium for depositing. Similarly, if you deposit a token with a low supply, relative to the other tokens in the pool, you will be given a discount.
For example, if there are 300 DAI.e, 500 USDC.e, 400 TUSD and 700 USDT.e in the AS4D pool, you will need to pay a premium to deposit USDT.e and you will be given a reward to deposit DAI.e. The exact same mechanism is also applicable when withdrawing from the pool. Given the above example, you would pay a fee to withdraw in DAI.e and be rewarded for withdrawing in USDT.e.

How do I earn AXIAL rewards?

In order to earn AXIAL rewards, after depositing your liquidity you must deposit your resulting LP tokens into a farm. You will continue to earn rewards from swap fees, but also receive AXIAL tokens on top of that.